ERliens - an Effinfunny Original Pilot

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It's an ER for Aliens... ERliens. Two human doctors (Sandeep Parikh & Derek Carter) run an Emergency Room for creatures from outer space. In this pilot episode E.T. is admitted to the ER after being mangled in a bicycle accident. With this $5 digital download you will receive:

1) Digital Download of Full HD version of the Pilot (4 min)

2) A PDF of the Script

3) An EXCLUSIVE mp3 of an unused montage song "With These Words" written and performed by Derek & Sandeep

4) An EXCLUSIVE video of a variant cut of the montage with a weird song that Derek wrote and performed.

Furthermore you can include donations to help us bring you more of these episodes! We shot this one for thousands of dollars out of our own pocket, so every little bit helps!

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